Grover From ‘Sesame Street’ Does Science Experiments, And We’re All Better For It

Looks like Grover just cut one.

Sesame Street continues to out-cute everything with another educational video. This time Grover (WHO IS BETTER THAN ELMO 4EVA!) helped run five try-it-at-home science experiments with Annie Colbert and Matt Silverman. Together they demonstrated the scientific principles of buoyancy, surface tension, non-Newtonian fluid, density, and chemical reaction (plus glitter).

The video is part of Sesame Street’s Little Discoverers website, which hosts videos, games, and activities for preschoolers to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. They’ve posted instructions for the five activities in this video over at Mashable.

We also learned Oobleck is Bert’s favorite non-Newtonian fluid. Did anybody break the news to Ernie?

(H/T: The Frogman)