‘Sesame Street’ Meets ‘Street Fighter’ In The Most Educational Brawler Of All Time

The epic mash up between Street Fighter and Sesame Street is complete with the very real Sesame Street Fighter. And it’s a fitting take on both of the properties as you are using education and skill to bash your opponent into submission and achieve a victory.

The key gameplay element is very similar to those who ever played Typing of the Dead or spent a lot of time goofing off in the computer lab during school. I would’ve killed for this during typing class in high school, even if it ensured me a swirlie from Gus McGill in the bathroom at lunch.

This isn’t the first time the idea of Street Fighter meeting Sesame Street has come along, but it is the first game to see the light of day involving the two franchises. Give it a spin and test your typing skill. It’s not as frustrating as Flappy Bird, but things can get a little heated in the later stages. And as an added bonus, check out some of the incredible art where your favorite characters from Sesame Street are turned into their Street Fighter counterparts courtesy of gavacho13.

(Images via gavacho13 / Flavour Machine)

(Images via gavacho13 / Flavour Machine)