Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals The Startling Secret Of His Vitality To Seth Meyers

Late Night was called into action on Saturday to help NBC ring in 2017. In addition to providing Deadpool 2 casting options, the NYE festivities also included a friendly encounter between host Seth Meyers and new Celebrity Apprentice overlord Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Complete with Seth discovering the horrifying secret of Schwarzenegger’s vitality!)

Invited by Schwarzenegger for the alleged purpose of getting to know Meyers better, the two enjoy a private soiree that’s funny and silly while taking time to acknowledge the glowing orange elephant in the room. For a piece of promo centered around reminding the public that John Matrix is gonna to gently tease Jon Lovitz for your entertainment in 2017, this segment is way better and more engaged than it needs to be. And not just because Arnold rolls with a schoolyard scrotum gag. although that doesn’t hurt.

“Want to hear my secret how I stay young?” asks Arnold.

“Sure. Mine’s makeup!” responds Seth.

Clocking in at under six minutes, “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Year’s Eve Bash” features the appropriate amount of violence and silly catering options a growing new year needs. Come for Arnold getting his hopes up about making the leap to the presidency, stay for the champagne mishap that slashes up the action star’s arm.