Seth Green Tried To Stealthily Eat His Own Booger On ‘Conan’ And The Internet Caught Him

The clip below, from Wednesday night’s Conan, didn’t seem too memorable when it first aired. It’s basically Seth Green running through a series of embarrassing photos from his youth, of which there are plenty. But then the internet did its internet thing.

A Redditor posted the video with the title, “Seth Green picks a booger out of his nose and then eats it during Conan segment. Happens from 0:05 – 0:13.” And sure enough, it checks out.

Watch as Seth smoothly acquires his snotty snack with a well-executed pointer-thumb wipe of the nostril, followed by a hand-to-hand roll-and-swap. After a brief pause, he flies too close to the sun with a unnecessarily ballsy maneuver, attempting a daring incisor scrape for the final transfer. That gratuitous bit of hubris was obviously his undoing.

Team Coco via Reddit