Here’s How Seth Green And Macaulay Culkin Helped Out A ‘Homeless’ Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal has been receiving plenty of praise for bringing The Punisher back to Marvel in season two of Daredevil. Along with The Walking Dead, it’s been quite the spark for his career — much better than the old days, according to his interview with Conan on Wednesday. He recounts a time when he wasn’t part of the Marvel machine, dying to hear The White Stripes in concert, but unable to purchase tickets. So being blessed with some ingenuity, Bernthal decides to buy himself some cool drinks and sit outside the concert to enjoy the show on his own terms.

Enter Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin, likely hanging out or searching for a rat to put a hat on, grabbing Bernthal’s attention thanks to a previous job he worked with the pair. Much like any chance meeting, Bernthal calls out, they comes over, and magic happens. Seth Green gives him a backstage pass, turning his street side drunk session into a backstage slice of magic.

A few years later, after The Walking Dead blew him into a recognizable force, Green asked if Bernthal wanted to come provide a voice on another show, likely Robot Chicken. This gave a chance for the actor to return the favor and also provide a very funny ending to this story.

You can only hope that there’s going to be more of The Punisher very soon. Guy seems like a pretty cool interview and he certainly is a mighty Frank Castle.

(Via Conan)

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