Seth MacFarlane Recorded A Self-Isolation Podcast As His ‘Family Guy’ Characters

To pass the endless hours in self-isolation, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane recorded a fictional podcast as Brian and Stewie Griffin, who sound as bored as the rest of us. There’s talk of board games (“We have played Trivial Pursuit until we have memorized every clue; we have played Candy Land; we have played Sorry!, so what’s left to do during a quarantine, but make a podcast”), Katy Perry (“Wait, she’s pregnant?”), Tom Brady (of course), and Gal Gadot’s “Imagine” video (“Unwelcome, even in a global pandemic”). There’s even some genuinely helpful pandemic tips.

Sort of.

Tackling “panic-buying,” Brian addresses the current toilet paper shortage by saying, “Hoarding helps no one, and actually hurts those among us who need the supplies the most.” Offering some life hacks, Stewie chimes in with, “If you own a tie, you have toilet paper.” They also cover some of the more bizarre corporate emails they’ve been getting, with Stewie wondering, “How does LEI Jeans have a stance on COVID-19?”

I, for one, am happy that Cheesecake Factory is part of the resistance. Later in the clip, Quagmire, also voiced by MacFarlane, calls in, as does Peter, who’s in quarantine on a carnival cruise off the coast of Spain. You can listen and watch below.