Seth Meyers Illustrates The Disastrous Prospects Within The GOP’s Second Attempt At Passing ‘Trumpcare’

Features Writer

The GOP’s war on Obamacare has been brewing for seven years at this point, but attempts to repeal the law have ramped up since Donald Trump took control in the Oval Office. Despite his initial claim to repeal and replace on Day 1 of his presidency, the first attempt to pass ‘Trumpcare‘ — formally know as the Affordable Health Care Act — was struck down due to a lack of votes. However, according to Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP may have finally secured the 216 votes necessary for the bill to pass and head to the Senate, with a formal vote reportedly occurring some time on Thursday according to CNN.

Although it is highly likely that the bill will be shot down once it reaches the Senate floor, the details of the proposed bill are even grimmer than the last. On his Wednesday night’s “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers breaks down some of the details of the new plan, including the last-minute push that still exists despite years of talk:

“So now, in a scramble to come up with something — anything — that would pass, Trump and the GOP have actually made the bill even worse to appeal to hardline conservatives. This new bill would allow states to waive out of Obamacare’s ban on preexisting conditions.”

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