Seth Meyers Gives A Stern Lecture To The Media For Normalizing The ‘Alt-Right’

It shouldn’t be difficult to get people to follow the idea that you shouldn’t praise Nazis, especially if you run a major news outlet. But with the rise of the “alt-right” and the confusing path the nation took to the White House, it seems that those kind of common sense ideas have gone out the window. I mean look, Pizzagate became a front page story so we’re really past anything making sense.

But give Seth Meyers some credit, he’s here to give a wag of the finger to the mainstream media for normalizing the “alt-right” with headlines like this:

Calling extreme right figures “dapper” and “hip” really should ring some alarm bells, but it also speaks to the changed natured of news reporting in the current America. Meyers points out that staying neutral and not showing bias is supposed to be the norm, but there are just certain subjects that shouldn’t follow that rule. That doesn’t mean we should all just spout out opinions and report it as news at any given moment, but it does mean that we shouldn’t glamorize people who are caught on tape giving Nazi salutes. Also headlines asking if Jews are white are likely trouble too.

That part is not supposed to be difficult.

(Via Late Night)