Seth Meyers Blasted Trump On His Coronavirus Claims: ‘F*ck Yourself You Rotting, Soulless Business Ham’

Videos of late night hosts dunking on Donald Trump are built to go viral, but that doesn’t mean they don’t raise some very valid points along the way. The latest example of that is Seth Meyers taking Trump to task for minimizing the impact of coronavirus because he claimed most deaths happened in “blue” states.

Meyers started by mentioning that the words “sedition” and “heat ray” are in the news at the same time. As bleak a reminder that 2020 has certainly been a tough go of things as we’ve seen this year. But Meyers almost immediately focused on Trump, his administration’s stunted and belated response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen nearly 200,000 Americans die this year, and his recent claims that the death toll in America wouldn’t look so bad if you took “blue states” out of the equation.

“Blue states had tremendous death rates,” President Trump said earlier in the week. “If you take the blue states out, we’re at a level that I don’t think anybody in the world would be at.”

For Meyers, who lives in New York, this was enough to unload on the president in a clip that quickly went viral.

“Also, as someone who lives in one of those states and knows people affected by this virus,” Meyers said, “I would just like to say, go f*ck yourself you rotting, soulless business ham.”

Meyers called Trump’s “blue states” comments “one of the most grotesque things he’s ever said,” then called the president an open sociopath.

“I’m sure Trump’s not our first sociopath president, but he’s definitely the first one who’s open about it,” Meyers said.

There’s a lot of different topics covered in the nearly 15-minute segment, from protests to attorney general William Barr’s comments that coronavirus lockdowns are akin to slavery, but Meyers saved the majority of his ire for Trump, and his dismissal of lives lost in places that didn’t vote for him. You can watch the full segment to feel the full extent of Meyers’ rage above.