Seth Meyers Compares Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton To Ferris Bueller And His Sister Jeannie

Seth Meyers has been providing some of the sharpest political commentary this insane election season, and it was no exception when the Late Night host brought up Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” scandal on Monday night, in a segment called “Hey!” See, it wasn’t even just that Clinton’s remarks were dumb (they were!), but the real problem is that not only did she sink to Donald Trump’s level, but couldn’t have done it without sounding like a “richer, whiter lady.”

“If you’re going to get in the gutter with Trump, you have to do better than that,” Meyers explains. “Don’t bring a Vera Wang shrimp fork to a knife fight.” But the backlash over Clinton’s comments also illuminates the fact that there has been a “patently unfair” double standard in this election, in that Trump can go largely unchecked by the media for his outrageous remarks, while Clinton can’t get away with anything.

In fact, Meyers points out that it’s almost as if this election has an older sister, younger brother dynamic: “Basically, Trump is Ferris Bueller, and you’re his sister Jeannie. Trump can cut school, dance on a parade float, and claim to be the Sausage King of Chicago. But you, Hillary? You should know better. You were Secretary of State while he was televising a Gary Busey job interview.”

It may not be fun, but somebody in this election’s got to be the Jeannie Bueller. I know I wouldn’t want Ferris Bueller running the country.

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