Seth Meyers Struggles To Understand How, And Why, Trump Didn’t Capitalize On Obamacare’s Fail

10.27.16 1 year ago

When news first broke that Obamacare premiums would soar upwards of 22% in 2017, Donald Trump and his presidential campaign launched a series of attacks against it. The move was altogether unexpected, but surprisingly weak given the severity of the news. What’s more, Hillary Clinton, Mark Cuban and many others were quick to turn Trump’s Obamacare attacks on their head — resulting in a general news cycle that, despite Healthcare.Gov’s apparent failings, caused Trump to fail even harder. Um, what?

Or as Late Night host Seth Meyers put it, “You’d think some bad Obamacare news might help him… but the Trump campaign never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

Yet misplaced “Blacks for Trump” signs at a rally, surrogate Newt Gingrich’s angry tirade against Megyn Kelly, and other flubs “[underscore] just how incompetent Team Trump is,” said Meyers. “On Tuesday Trump got what for any normal Republican would be a political gift when the Obama administration announced that health insurance premiums would rise next year by an average of more than 20 percent. Now that’s bad news on the surface, but it’s still in line with the projections made by the congressional budget office. Obviously Obamacare is a nuanced, complicated issue. It requires sober analysis and discussion.”

Judging by Trump’s inept attempts to capitalize on the healthcare initiative’s bad press, however, Meyers doesn’t think the Republican nominee can possibly recover before November 8th. “Trump always frames things in the most hysterical way possible. God forbid President Trump ever has to deal with a slight dip in GDP. He’d probably tweet, ‘It’s a depression!!! Every man for himself!!! Eat your neighbors!!!'”

Considering the real estate mogul’s history with the social media platform, this isn’t necessarily beyond the realm of possibility.

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