Seth Meyers Still Has The Best Theory For Why ‘Scam Artist’ Trump Won’t Release His Tax Returns

Entertainment Writer
10.04.16 18 Comments

Seth Meyers thinks that Donald Trump is scared to release his current tax returns for a very good reason: Trump isn’t as rich as he says he is. This is a theory Hillary Clinton brought up at the first presidential debate and Meyers has mentioned on the show before, but it almost seems like that could be the truth at this point. Trump is certainly not too upset about the leak of his 1995 tax return to the New York Times and most of his supporters are calling him a genius across cable news in order to spin the entire thing as a positive for the GOP nominee.

So Meyers concludes, after taking a closer look at the entire situation, that Trump won’t release his tax returns because his financials aren’t at the level he likes to portray them at:

I think you’re poor. I think you pretend to be rich, but you’ve going town to town for eighteen months selling cheap hats.

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