Seth Meyers Points Out The Major Problem With Trump’s Controversial Feud With The Cast Of ‘Hamilton’

Entertainment Writer
11.22.16 3 Comments

As Seth Meyers points out to start his latest “Closer Look,” there was little more that people could do to work Hamilton into their daily conversations. It’s not just New York because it seems that everybody online is dedicated to making sure we all consider the musical to be the representation of the human race that’s blasted into space for all those sweet, delicate aliens to listen to. Then they’ll conquer us, but at least they’ll have a soundtrack to do it by.

But Meyers also makes another point that’s good to discuss in reference to this weekend’s hubbub between the cast of the musical and President-Elect Donald Trump. It’s a one-sided hubbub and according to Meyers — and many others — it might be a distraction from some of Trump’s other scandalous behavior. This is a bit of a sell given the difficulty in getting tickets to Hamilton and the need to know that the cast would deliver their message at the end of the show, but there’s little doubt that Trump and his transition crew are using it to their advantage.

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