Jennifer Lawrence And Arnold Schwarzenegger Are Spending New Year’s With Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers certainly has had an interesting 2016. He became a proud new dad, Late Night has continued to quietly establish itself as essential viewing and there’s that whole sticky business of having four or more years of covering a man he genuinely despises on his plate. How do you cap off such a busy and strange year? Drinks with lovable Oscar-minted scamp Jennifer Lawrence sounds like a sensible call.

JLaw, who once had a crush on the Late Night host, will be popping around Rockefeller Center for the reasonably titled Late Night With Seth Meyers New Year’s Eve Special airing on (surprise!) December 31st. Also on the guest list? New Celebrity Apprentice czar Arnold Schwarzenegger, SNL charmer Leslie Jones, and trusted pop dynamo Kelly Clarkson. According to Deadline, Clarkson will be performing her Hamilton Mixtape cut “It’s Quiet Uptown,” and it’s nice to imagine Arnold quietly singing along in the aisle. (That Arnold bit probably won’t happen, but it’s been a long year, so enjoy it as your own personal treat.)

Oddly enough, the scheduling has Meyers working a Saturday for the first time in a while. The former Weekend Update anchor won’t be ushering viewers directly into 2017, mind you. NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly is slated to pop on at 11:30 (Eastern) with Alicia Keys, Pentatonix and Blake Shelton tapped to perform. As long as Amber Ruffin pops up in the Late Night NYE special, we’ll consider the night a roaring success.

(Via Deadline)