Seth Meyers Takes Another Shot At Highlighting Some Jokes He Can’t Say During His Monologue

Apart from “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers has plenty of fun recurring segments that have nothing to do with politics, Donald Trump, or whatever is going on with Paul Ryan’s workout. It’s always nice to see his old SNL pals drop by to perform a sketch that never made it to the big show and it’s usually equally as fun when some of the people behind the show get a chance to shine in front of the camera.

That’s where “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” comes in, giving Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel from the writers a chance to tell some of those jokes that are funny for everybody but Seth Meyers to tell. Like if Seth tried to tell the joke about Black Santa, it might not come off well. It’s something you might hear during your typical Chevy Chase show monologue, sure, but not during the Meyers era of Late Night. Others just wouldn’t make much sense coming from Meyers, like the one about the lesbians and the nuns. Wouldn’t make any sense.

He could’ve told the one about Supergirl’s sister coming out on the CW show, though. It’s borderline, but kryptonite penises works no matter the sex. It’s right up there next to jerk store.

(Via Late Night)