Seth Meyers Blasts ‘Baghdad Blob’ Lou Dobbs And Fox News For Brushing Off Trump’s COVID Lies Confession

Fox News’ response to President Trump’s COVID lies to the American people (as revealed, far too late, by Bob Woodward’s new book) has been, at best, dismissive. Tucker Carlson swiftly blamed Lindsey Graham for how Trump blabbed about how he downplayed the virus’ deadliness to the American people. Things only grew worse, though, when Lou Dobbs got ahold of the story, and Seth Meyers went to town on not only Dobbs but Sean Hannity and the rest of Fox News after what he saw on air.

You can watch the results in the above video, but it all began with Dobbs strangely deflecting from the situation with a “President Trump today had a great day. A day that any president could only dream of.” To that, Meyers reminded everyone of former Iraqi diplomat Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, a.k.a., “Baghdad Bob,” who famously denied the presence of American tanks in Baghdad while they could be heard in the background. And Dobbs received a similar nickname (“Baghdad Blob”) with a twist:

“I’ve heard of brown-nosing, but apparently Dobbs is in there so deep his hair turned brown. Normally when an old man says something like that you have to tell him, ‘Grandpa, Harry Truman is dead!’”

Meyers then turned his attention to Sean Hannity, who (previously) famously deflected from the confirmation that Trump attempted to fire Robert Mueller by airing a high-speed car chase. In this instance, Hannity declared that Trump had done the right thing by attempting to avoid panic by lying about a virus that’s now killed over 190,000 Americans and counting. From Meyers:

“Oh yeah, totally, Trump is the picture of calm and poise. He’s spent the last four years claiming that caravans of migrants are coming to kill everyone and airplanes full of mysterious black-clad thugs were flying cross-country to burn down American cities. He’s the human embodiment of yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Of course, nowadays you can cause a panic by yelling ‘crowded theater.'”

It’s business as usual for Hannity and Dobbs. As for Trump, he pushed back with a lie when confronted by a reporter over his COVID lies, and then he talked about how he watched about eight hours of Fox News in one night. Well, no one accuse Dobbs and Hannity of not knowing their audience.

(Via Mediaite)