Seth Meyers Has Questions — A Lot Of Them! — About Melania Trump’s ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover

In case you missed it, last week Vanity Fair Mexico debuted its new February issue featuring none other than Melania Trump on the cover, eating from a sparkling bowl of jewels — as one does, apparently, when married to a billionaire who buys himself the United States presidency. The photo sparked controversy given the unfortunate timing, as tensions continued to mount between Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Nieto. Additionally, many were quick to make comparisons between the First Lady and a certain Queen of France.

Late Night host Seth Meyers also had a few thoughts on Melania’s cover Tuesday night — or, not so much thoughts as questions. A lot of them. For instance, “Is she going to eat those diamonds? Also, Donald, are you not feeding her? Or in the Trump household, are diamonds food?” He continued with some follow ups: “Wearing jewelry, does she think she’s wearing snacks? So is someone who eats diamonds while wearing diamonds the same as someone who eats Doritos while wearing Doritos?” (We have no idea who he could ever be referring to here.)

We may sadly never have answers to those questions as well as a few others he posed — other than yes, it is weird that this isn’t that shocking, given everything else we’ve seen this week.