Seth Myers Thinks Mike Pence’s Debate Strategy Was To Pretend Donald Trump Wasn’t His Running Mate

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10.06.16 2 Comments

After Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, Mike Pence’s performance is causing some people to question his commitment to Donald Trump. During the debate, Pence repeatedly contradicted some of Trump’s most controversial statements, and as Seth Meyers pointed out on Late Night, he was acting like a candidate from an alternative universe where Trump wasn’t his running mate.

On Wednesday, Meyers analyzed the vice presidential debate during his “A Closer Look” segment. He poked fun at Tim Kaine’s dad jokes and Pence’s assurance that the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Trump campaign, was the guilty party in hurling insults throughout the election cycle. But Meyers went on to say Pence’s strategy during the debate was to pretend Trump didn’t really matter, and he pointed out how Pence’s polar opposite performance of Trump didn’t help the situation:

“Of course, Donald Trump and Mike Pence actually have said all of those things. Pence might want to check them out sometime. If he did, it might look something like this … [Trump] Your boy Mike Pence is great on TV. I mean, what a great debater. He was nothing like you! He was calm and polite, regular-sized hands. I mean, he never got all red and sweaty. Anyway, great pick, you nailed it, bro!”

Meyers does make the point that Pence is a good debater. The Indiana governor kept calm during the proceedings, which is a bit different from Trump’s sniffling performance. It seems like we may be gearing up to see a Mike Pence 2020 run.

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