Seth Meyers Tells The Adorable Story Of His Son’s Birth And Why The Kid Isn’t Named After An Olsen Twin

Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi welcomed their first child into the world on Easter Sunday, and when Meyers returned to his Late Night chair Tuesday night, the new dad was absolutely glowing. But before accepting a thoughtful baby gift from Tracy Morgan, Meyers told the story of his son’s birth in enthusiastic and colorful detail. Thankfully everything worked out in the end, with credit due to both a well-prepared doorman and a slightly less prepared Uber driver — who will probably never accept a fare from Meyers ever again after driving his screaming wife through New York City with her head stuck out the car window. (Which is less of a big deal than you’d think.)

After all was said and done and their son was safely delivered — thanks to bunny ear-wearing hospital staff — it was time to get around to the business of a name. To honor both his wife and his mother, they named their son using both maiden names, “Ashe” and “Olson,” respectively. While that is a super thoughtful and adorable name, Meyers just wants to nip it in the bud now that Ashe Olson was not, in fact, named after a similar-sounding Olsen Twin… because if anything he’s a Mary Kate fan, obviously!

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