Seth Meyers Wonders If Mike Pence Threw Shade At Trump For Tweeting About John Lewis Late At Night

In case you didn’t know, President-elect Donald Trump will lose the “elect” portion of his title during Friday’s inauguration ceremony. Yet as Late Night host Seth Meyers pointed out on Monday, he has done little to streamline the process without controversy. Much of this has to do with ongoing queries concerning Russia’s alleged hacking of the presidential election vis-à-vis Democratic National Committee emails, which the Trump transition team and its allies have done little to alleviate. Beyond partisan inaction, however, are the many actions Trump takes with this now-presidential Twitter account, which he used to attack Rep. John Lewis ahead of the Martin Luther King Day weekend.

“If you’re wondering if it’s racist to assume Lewis’ district is ‘crime infested’ and ‘falling apart’ just because he’s black,” Meyers quipped, “the answer is hard yes.” Twitter trollery notwithstanding, the Late Night comedian quickly runs through all the reasons why Trump’s insults didn’t make sense (as pointed out by the Atlanta Journal Constitution), but pauses when he gets to the inevitable moment Vice President-elect Mike Pence had to make the media rounds to defend his boss.

“It was up to Vice President-elect Mike Pence to try and clean up his mess,” said Meyers. “So Trump says ‘go f*ck yourself’ and Pence says ‘no he’s just inviting you engage in some constructive self-love.'” All jokes aside, Pence’s claim that Trump’s tweets were posted “late” that night spurred the comedian to ponder whether or not Mike “it was well past the electronics curfew” Pence was “throwing a little shade at Trump.” Makes you wonder…