Seth Meyers Cannot Stop Laughing Over Rudy Giuliani Getting Banned From Fox News

Seth Meyers has never missed an opportunity to bust out his Rudy Giuliani impression. So it was hardly surprising when he dedicated Monday night’s “A Closer Look” segment to the recent stories swirling around about both Rudy and his shouty son Andrew being banned from appearing on Fox News because of the libelous drivel that is constantly spilling from their mouths (and occasionally leaking from Rudy’s head). And Meyers can’t wrap his head around with a Fox News without Rudy might look like:

“They banned Rudy from Fox News? That’s like banning a turtle from its shell… Forget the interviews: If he’s banned from Fox News’ greenrooms, where’s he going to sleep? He can’t go back to his own place. The Feds probably took his bed when they raided his apartment because, knowing Rudy, he wrote incriminating notes on his sheets when he couldn’t find any paper.”

While Fox has denied that Rudy has been banned, Meyers isn’t buying it. And says that even in the network’s official statement on the matter, “they found a way to wound his ego yet again. They said he’s not technically banned—they just don’t want him… I’d use the old showbiz expression and say Rudy can’t get arrested, but I’m pretty sure he can get arrested.”

The ban, or non-ban (whichever you choose to believe), comes on the heels of Rudy seeing his license to practice law suspended in both New York and Washington, D.C. And being ghosted by former BFF Donald Trump, who got him into this mess in the first place (and reportedly refuses to even pay Rudy for the many hours he logged lying for the former president). Those rants are also what led Dominion Voting Systems to sue the former New York City Mayor for $1.3 billion for the many election lies he has spewed.

You can watch the full clip above.