Seth Meyers Tells Letterman About His Wife Getting Food Poisoning On Their Wedding Day From An Oyster


You know what sucks? Food poisoning! Anyone who’s had it — I mean really had it — can attest that, depending on the severity of the case, it can make you question your will to live. I had it a couple of years ago after eating a tainted batch of steak tartar in a restaurant and at times it felt as if something was trying to eat its way out of my stomach. This lasted for about 4 days, mind you. It was not a fun time. At one point I *might* have considered death as an alternative more attractive than the state I was in.

So imagine how awful it had to be for Seth Meyers’ now-wife, a human rights attorney, recently when she ate a bad oyster at the couple’s rehearsal dinner and had to be hospitalized on their wedding day. Don’t fear though — no tainted oyster was going to keep Seth Meyers’ fiancee from walking down the aisle that day.

“I go to the emergency room, I meet her there and she’s just like fully knocked out on a gurney like a person looks right before the end,” Meyers told Letterman. “A nurse walks in and takes one look at her and says, ‘You’re not getting married today.’ And it was like my wife turned into the star of an action movie who’s been knocked down and you think he’s done…and she like propped herself up on her elbows and she’s like, ‘I AM GETTING MARRIED TODAY.'”

Here’s a photo of Meyers’ wife, Alexi Ashe, in the hospital on the morning of their wedding that he shared with Letterman’s audience last night…

And this is one he shared of her later that day…

Congrats to the happy couple! Enjoy…


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