Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update Blooper Reel Illustrates Why He’s Going To Be Great On ‘Late Night’

The mark of a great late night host is often not just in the way he delivers a great joke, but how well he gets out of a bad one. Johnny Carson was one of the best when it came to recovering from a joke that bombs, but Letterman is probably the all time best. It’s a weakness for Fallon (though, he makes up for it with other strengths) and it’s a non-factor for Kimmel, but Seth Meyers — who leaves Saturday Night Live after this weekend’s show — has demonstrated over the last eight years an ability to get nearly as many laughs out of his own reaction to bad jokes as he often gets from good jokes. This blooper reel is a nice illustration of his ability to acknowledge and then own a bad joke, spinning it into a positive.

Yup. Seth Meyers is going to be just fine over on Late Night.

Source: NBC