Seth Meyers Now Understands The Pain Of Being An Iowa Telephone Pollster

These are hard, stressful times for everyone. Wages are low, the Patriots have lost, and preferred political candidates will soon have their hopes torn from their bodies as the upcoming caucuses end their bids for the White House. Not to mention, we’re in the weird, post-holiday, pre-spring timeframe. Seasonal affective disorder is real and kicking in for midwesterners. Kicking in hard. Imagine if you’re in Iowa right now and own a landline that is receiving constant calls asking you about who you’re supporting politically. It would be a nightmare. A nightmare Seth Meyers experienced on Late Night.

My grandma taught me that no matter how low you go, there’s always someone lower. This grandmotherly lesson rings true when it comes to the pollsters in Iowa. Yes, those Iowans who have their phone ringing off the hook may have to deal with an inconvenience, albeit an important one, but picking up and hanging up the phone isn’t nearly as tough as making those calls. Getting hung up on over and over again until all you can do is call your mother? That’s pain. This is when comedy segments get real, and finally answer the Cruella de Vil question.

Also: Remember when phones rang off hooks? Neither do I. Grandma probably does.

(Via NBC)