Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg Have Comedies About Superheroes And The Illuminati For You To Watch

Seth Rogen has plans to continue his practice of sh*tting all over the lazy stoner stereotype with even more small screen shepherding. Network TV series shepherding, no less!

Deadline reports that Rogen and writing/producing/directing partner Evan Goldberg have two television projects at the ready that are currently earmarked for Fox and ABC. That’s on top of AMC’s Preacher, FX’s upcoming Bigfoot and their regular film duties.

The single camera-comedy lined up for Fox has a superhero angle. Or more accurately, a sidekick angle. Here’s how Deadline sums it up:

Written/executive produced by Mike Rosolio, the Fox project centers on an ambitious MIT graduate who gets a job working for a Steve Jobs-esque tech genius, only to learn he’s also a vigilante superhero by night forcing her to become the unwitting Alfred to his Batman.

Sounds promising, eh? Rogen and Goldberg’s Point Grey is producing, the premise seems neato and they can always ask nicely if Gotham has any leftover contraptions they were going to donate to Goodwill. Snazzy!

Also on the way from the pair is a single-camera comedy offering earmarked for ABC. Brad Copeland, the man previously tasked with developing an American take on The Inbetweeners, has penned a comedy dealing with everybody’s friend: The Illuminati. Yes, really. According to Deadline, the program “centers on a young couple struggles to balance marriage and suburban life with the fact that one of them is in the Illuminati.” Standard relationship stuff, really.

Consider us excited at this stage of the game to see what comedy fare Rogen and Goldberg will bring to TV. A Sausage Party Saturday morning cartoon show does rate as unlikely, though. Probably for the best.

(Via Deadline)