Seth Rogen And Jonah Hill Interrupt James Franco’s Monologue To Kick Off ‘SNL’

James Franco seemed like he was going to fall into your typical monologue trap on SNL by taking questions from the audience, with members of the cast showing up. Some were likely expecting Tommy Wiseau to show up and share the monologue with Franco, but we ended up getting the next best thing thanks to Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill.

Franco seems a little surprised to see Rogen at SNL, likely because Rogen turned him down earlier in the week. But as it turns out, Rogen turned him down because he had gotten tickets to SNL and had no idea that Franco was the host. Seems like a far-fetched story and a little made up, but that’s fine. It doesn’t take long for both to start bickering, ruining the Q&A with the audience while comparing how many times they’ve hosted the show. Franco also brings up how the movies he makes by himself are nominated for Oscars and his team-ups with Rogen end up with stoner awards.

Of course, the mention of Oscars draws out Jonah Hill from the night, joining Rogen in the audience with his own questions. We’re also greeted by Steve Martin too, sitting up on the balcony like some sort of ghost from comedy’s past. He just seems to always be hanging around the studio.

(Via SNL)