Seth Rogen Calls On Help From The Roots For A Very Special Lip Sync Battle

Seth Rogen pulled out a new tactic that we’ve never seen on The Tonight Show during a lip sync battle, something Bill O’Reilly would appreciate. Instead of going to some pre-recorded music, Rogen enlists The Roots to play live while he lip syncs to their performance. It’s almost a shame that there is no actual prize or spoils following a lip sync battle because Rogen might’ve actually earned something, possibly control of NBC or a chunk of the NBC shop inside of 30 Rock.

This isn’t the most exciting of the show’s many battles, possibly showing the fatigue the world has for conflict and lip syncing at the same time. But Rogen does get to stand out thanks to the live performance and his take on Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” He dons the giant sweater, does the dance, and looks incredibly pained throughout the entire thing. You have to love it.

Backstage, Rogen takes some time to answer some random internet questions. This includes all the weird tweets in his drafts — apparently full of things he can’t tweet EVER — and his most used emoji. Burning questions for Seth Rogen. His phone contacts are interesting, though, because he has seven numbers for Jonah Hill and sorta unintentionally takes a dump on Sam Mendes. Who doesn’t want that guy in your phone contacts? He’s a great talent and likely a good friend.

(Via The Tonight Show)