Seth Rogen Tests Out Kid Stand-Up Comedy After Watching A Classic Look At Some Of His Own

Seth Rogen stopped by The Tonight Show to explain his role in the premiere of Preacher this Sunday on AMC and to talk about Neighbors 2, but that wasn’t the real draw. Fallon took advantage of Rogen’s stand-up past by showing a clip of a 13-year-old Seth Rogen on the stage and then had him do some stand up on the show. The catch is that all of the jokes were written by kids.

You can’t expect too much out of kids. It isn’t like Young Bill Hicks wrote in a joke to tell them about mistrust in the government and eating shrooms in the desert. That’d be fun if he did, but it was not like that. It wasn’t even really better than Rogen’s joke.

The funny part is how Rogen’s joke isn’t too bad, but that’s the only time he ever performed it. Gone like dust in the wind or copies of The Interview being launched into North Korea. Later he gives some career advice to all those peons out there who aren’t Hollywood superstars. This includes some interesting questions about cats, how to throw the best graduation party, and probably one of the worst recipe for fried chicken you’ll hear this century. He didn’t even add in any spices or set the right temperature. It’s going to burn and be terrible. Thanks a lot, Rogen.

(Via The Tonight Show)