What? Seven Brand New Jimi Hendrix Songs Will Debut During An Episode Of 'Hawaii Five-0'? Why?

01.11.13 9 Comments

In news that wouldn’t make sense to me even if I drove out to the woods right now with a knapsack full of mind-enhancing drugs — prescription and otherwise — and thought about it in quiet solitude all weekend long, seven brand new, never-before-released Jimi Hendrix songs are going to be premiered during an episode of Hawaii Five-0. Yeah.

CBS will air a special episode of Hawaii Five-0 after the AFC Championship game on Sunday, Jan. 20 that will feature new music from Jimi Hendrix, TVGuide.com has learned. […]

Hendrix might have passed away years ago, but Hawaii Five-0’s upcoming episode will feature seven never-released songs from the music legend. The tracks, “Bleeding Heart,” “Mojo Man,” “Hey Gypsy Boy,” “Inside Out,” “Crash Landing,” “Hear My Train A Comin'” and “Somewhere,” make up seven of the 12 songs on the upcoming brand-new Hendrix album People, Hell and Angels, which will be available to everyone on Tuesday, March 5. [TV Guide]

To recap: Jimi Hendrix (one of the most beloved and legendary musicians from one of the most beloved and legendary periods of music history) will have seven (7) previously unheard songs (which, presumably, is a big deal because he passed away over 40 years ago and they are just coming out now) make their world premiere on an episode of CBS’s brightly-colored, Scott Caan-starring, cookie-cutter police procedural reboot of a famous 70s cop show.

If this leads to a trend that ends with new music by Tupac being released in 2030 during an episode of a crappy reboot of Homeland or whatever the hell, I may just head out into the woods anyway. Society will have failed me.

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