Sexy Commercials? Well… Okay.

I don’t have any real reason to post the video of Moet & Chandon’s new commercials with Scarlett Johansson except I enjoy champagne and looking at Scarlett Johansson. It’s not exactly newsworthy, but that’s what’s great about being your own editor: newsworthy stuff can go suck a lemon while you look at hot chicks. <3 U so much, Internet.

For entertainment purposes, here’s a snippet of the news release, via Pursuitist:

Revisiting Moët & Chandon’s original advertising campaign that introduced Scarlett Johansson as the brand’s first celebrity ambassador, [Tim] Walker’s new photographs bring to life the rich heritage and savoir-faire of the world’s leading champagne.

“Moët & Chandon, the most loved champagne since 1743, is a universal symbol of joie de vivre and success. This new campaign highlights a return to the immutable elegance and glamour that are inherent to both Moët and Scarlett” said Moët & Chandon President & CEO Daniel Lalonde.

Translation: “We dressed up Scarlett real purty and took pictures at a mansion.”

While I’m on the subject of unattainable women selling products on TV, here’s Kelly Brook’s new spot for LYNX, which is the British word for AXE (via AdRants).

It’s a pretty stupid ad, but, you know… tits.