Sexy Dark Ages & Links

06.07.11 8 years ago 12 Comments

GRRR SEXY DARK AGES. This video from Funny or Die doesn’t have a lot of laughs, but it does a pretty good job of making fun of “The Borgias” and “The Tudors.” Plus it stars Natalie Zea and Diora Baird, so if you don’t feel like watching it then you can scroll through the following pages for screencaps. I get the clicks, you get the best parts without watching the video, everybody wins. [Funny or Die]
Great Moments in Dog Driving History. Not dog driving like cattle herding, but dogs driving as in dogs driving cars. It’s just as awesome as it sounds. [Uproxx]
Next Week on ‘The Killing.’ Holder and Linden trace Rosie’s death to the Seattle Seahawks. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
One man, 170 costumes. When a one-legged man found out his son’s school bus route went directly past their house, he decided to wear a different costume in front of the house every school day of the year. [Gamma Squad]
Luxury cat looks like Mythbuster. I knew I hated Jamie Hyneman’s face! [The Daily What and reddit]

Surf dogs! The best of the 2011 Coronado Bay Surf Dog Competition. Or as I call it, “Yay! Dogs on surfboards!” [With Leather]
Scene Breakdown: the Breaking Dawn trailer. I can’t wait for the Twilight series to be over, and for all the Twilight fans to die of diabetes. [FilmDrunk]
Internet History: Ron Swanson’s Love Affair with Meat. Very different from your mom’s. [Alex Leo]
YEEHAW CHURCH AND FAKE TITTIES! Watch the trailer for CMT’s new reality show, “Texas Women.” Why “Texas Women”? Because “Real Housewives of Texas” violates Bravo’s copyright. [Inside TV]

(GIF by fapitalism)
WHEELCAT! Wheels instead of legs! A shirt to go with her fur! Nothing can stop Wheelcat! (except maybe stairs) [bunnyfood]
Hey ‘True Blood,’ lay off the advertising for eight seconds. So here’s what we’ve got: a new promo at Spoiler TV, and the first six (mostly lame) minutes of the new season. I couldn’t remember why I paid any attention to this show… and then Deborah Ann Woll tore her shirt open. Yup, I’m watching.

(GIF via suicideblonde)

Confession: I really just want someone to find Warming Glow by Googling “sexy corpses.”

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