01.15.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Here’s a clip from this week’s “Tosh.0” that I wanted to share for a couple reasons (watch below). First of all: back fat that looks like boobs. Who doesn’t like that? And then Tosh just makes the same funny comments you might see on a website where the commenters are funny. It’s like the Internet, but without all the effort of clicking and reading. I appreciate that.

On a more tangential note, I missed this episode because my DVR apparently didn’t feel like recording it. That is some serious BS. I demand better from my technological shortcuts in life! Do you hear me, world?! I’m a well-educated white person entitled to bitch about small inconveniences! I don’t want to have to watch TV shows I miss on my laptop computer! And I demand a CAPS LOCK function on the iPhone! This injustice will not stand!

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