‘Sexy Warrior Princess’ Megan Fox Really Wants Her Husband’s Show To Do Well

A brief scene from the Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green household.

Green: “Hey, honey, can you stop playing my copy of One Stop Carnival — featuring such hits as ‘Da Drama’ and ‘Beauty and Da Beats’ with production by the Pharcyde’s Slimkid3 — and come here a second?”

Fox: *blank stare*

Green: “You know how I have this new show on TBS, The Wedding Band, right?

Fox: *blank stare*

Green: Why, yes, it IS very funny. Well, it’s like Party Down, if it was produced by Snappy Madison, Happy Madison’s direct-to-DVD equivalent. We need a ratings boost, so would you mind wearing something se—

Fox: *rips shirts off to reveal rubber oven burners on her breasts*

Green: Wait, how are you already wearing the costume?

/house explodes in giant Michael Bay-esque fireball
//silvery goo slithers out of the inferno, carrying One Stop Carnival on vinyl

THE END…? Anyway, Megan Fox talks about Elvish and wears a warrior princess costume during this Friday’s episode of The Wedding Band, starring Austin Green and, oh God, Harold Perrineau. Shame. I was excited to get to know Damon Pope more over the next 83 seasons of Sons of Anarchy.