The ‘Shameless’ Season 9 Trailer Is A ‘Vagina Safe Zone,’ Other Than Frank Sleeping His Way Through The PTA

Nothing comes easy for a Gallagher, as Shameless viewers have learned, time and time again, and season nine adds further fierceness to the clan’s scattered storylines with Fiona reminding everyone that, no matter what happens, “Nothing is bigger than family.” Remarkably, Showtime’s U.S. incarnation of the show has lasted nearly as long as its U.K. counterpart (which ran for 11 seasons), and this new trailer picks up with timely themes, including gender equality. Of course, if you thought Shameless would #MeToo in a predictable way, you were wrong. Fiona’s defiantly refusing to play nice in her business dealings with men, Debbie’s pee-protesting at her job, and Kevin and V declare their bar a “vagina safe zone” while lecturing patrons to stop acting “rapey.”

Unfortunately, as is often the case, one Gallagher — who just happens to be the patriarch — is swimming in the opposite direction. Frank’s still grifting as hard as usual, and he joins the PTA at Liam’s school, where he proceeds to sleep his way through the membership, spreading an unidentified STD and earning the wrath of these women’s husbands. That’s generally how the show operates, with most Gallagher family members struggling to achieve progress and Frank showing his ass and threatening to bring down the whole.

Meanwhile, Lip appears to have moved past his booze-induced, mini-Frank phase to become a truly responsible adult, and Ian has unwittingly become known as Gay Jesus on the South Side of Chicago. So, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy as Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, and the rest show that Shameless is in no danger of running out of steam. The show returns to Showtime on September 9, and here’s a recent thank you message from the cast as they approach their 100th episode.