You'll Soon Be Able To See ‘Sharknado’ In A Theater At Midnight, Just Like Other Delightfully Bad Films

07.26.13 5 Comments

Would you prefer to pay to see Sharknado — roughly $10-$15 per person and $20 for soda, popcorn and candy — in a theater at midnight rather than watch it at home whenever FOR FREE? Well, if so, THANKS HOLLYWOOD!

Reports Deadline:

Regal and NCM Fathon Events will host midnight screenings of Syfy’s strangely popular Sharknado! on August 2, with the TV movie set for about 200 screens in NCM’s Digital Broadcast Network.

Meanwhile, our pal/Sharknado shark attack victim Ryan Budds is doing okay and has launched a Sharknado web comic, in case you were wondering…

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