‘Cagenato’ Is The Nic Cage-Themed ‘Sharknado’ Sequel The Internet Wants And Deserves

The logical question many have today — the question on everyone’s minds today, really — while we all try to pick up the pieces of our lives in the wake of Sharknado blowing through, is…what next? How can Thunder Levin and Anthony Ferrante — the writer and director of Sharknado, respectively — at Asylum Films recapture the magic they created here? What terrifying creature can they possibly morph with a natural disaster next?

My first thought was Snakequake, in which a devastating southern California earthquake unleashes thousands of angry rattlers on Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Something with bears could also work, I guess. But still, coming close to recreating anything close to Sharknado seems like a damn near impossible task.

But then we received an email from our Nic Cage-obsessed Photoshop master friend Matheus Candido this morning, and the next course of action all suddenly made sense: CAGENADO! Yes. YES. A trillion times yes. The full rendering of Matheus’ brainchild is below…

Just when I thought all of this couldn’t get any better, suddenly it did.