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Megan Hauserman, the reality show vixen* lovingly rendered in this tattoo, is suing Sharon Osbourne for an altercation that happened in December while filming the “Rock of Love Charm School” reunion special.  (As you may recall, viewer nostalgia ran so high when “Rock of Love Charm School” ended that VH1 had no choice but to do a reunion.)  (That was a lie.)

Megan Hauserman’s suit filed Monday in Los Angeles claims battery, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She seeks a jury trial and punitive damages… The suit claims Osbourne hit Hauserman, pulled her hair and scratched her.

You can watch the confrontation here.  Basically, Osbourne said Hauserman should get spayed (true), Hauserman returned the sentiment (true) and added that Osbourne is only famous because of Ozzy (also true).  Then Sharon threw a drink on her, security intervened, and everyone in the studio acted as if Sharon just liberated Vichy France from the Nazis.  It was, as VH1 called it at the time, “Sunday.”


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