Shia LaBeouf Attempts To Explain His Performance Art To Jimmy Kimmel

American Honey star Shia LaBeouf dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where the topic of conversation quickly turned from his critically acclaimed film to his various, uh, performance art side projects. But instead of writing Kimmel off with an “I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren,” LaBeouf was more than happy to open up about his various endeavors, which include watching all of his movies in a theater for three days straight, hitchhiking across the country with complete strangers, and live streaming himself riding in an elevator. Art!

Of his movie watching project, LaBeouf explained, “It’s kind of crazy, it starts like an ironic silly thing, like most of the things I do, and then it wound up in a really cool, sincere place, you know?” When asked about his process (or lack thereof) when approaching his art endeavors, LaBeouf said, “You set up boundaries and then you give it to everybody else and you let them have it.”

“It really turns into something special, man, you know, people wanna be a part of something,” LaBeouf elaborated when asked about his hitchhiking trip, which he said people actually quit their jobs to become a part of. Pay the rent or drive around in a car with the star of Even Stevens for three weeks? Like that’s even up for debate.