Fire Department Identifies Culprit In California House Fire: A Really Shiny Dog Bowl

05.04.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

In the latest installment of our series on incredibly strange, animal-related methods of setting your house on fire, a Santa Rosa, California couple had to call the fire department after the shiny metal water dish they left outside for their dog Toby reflected a beam of sunlight with such intensity that it burned the side of their house like they live in a cartoon or something.

“I just looked outside a minute and saw what i thought was steam.” said Shay Weisbrich. “A big plume of it through the glass door.. So I went over there thinking, ‘that’s not right, not normal.’ And it was smoke!

The Bennett Valley Fire Department responded before the fire got out of control. [5KPIX]

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here using a metal dog dish to reheat leftover pizza by HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE SUN.

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