Shonda Rhimes Calls For Gun Control And Defends Black Lives Matter Following Dallas Police Shooting

Showrunner and ABC lifeblood Shonda Rhimes called out people attempting to conflate the shooting of police officers in Dallas with Black Lives Matter on Twitter, and pointed back to the issue she feels is at the heart of all these tragedies: gun control.

In a series of tweets, the Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy head honcho deflected criticisms of those trying to pin the deaths of five officers on BLM movement by calling the accusers “idiots” and noted that access to deadly weaponry is the underlying cause of the shooting.

“If I hear one more idiot suggest that #BlackLivesMatter incited this,” she wrote. “The level of ignorance is stunning. Absolutely stunning.”

She also responded to some of the tweets by former Congressman Joe Walsh, who caused a stir by seeming to threaten the President’s life in a series of tweets. In response to Walsh’s insinuation that “Obama’s words and BLM’s deeds have gotten people killed,” Rhimes wrote that, “Words don’t get people killed. GUNS get people killed.”

It is the second time this week that Rhimes has found herself wrapped up in a controversy surrounding protest and law enforcement. Following Grey’s star Jesse Williams’ eye-opening speech at the BET Awards, fans of the show petitioned her to remove Williams from the cast.

(Via EW)