50 Shows I Would Watch Based On Nothing But The Title: Part II


Previously: 50 Shows I Would Watch Based On Nothing But The Title

Night Surgeons

Monte Carlo Night Surgeons

Monte Carlo Night Surgeons: Day Shift

Tuxedo Battalion

Monte Carlo Tuxedo Battalion

Dr. Tuxedo Battalion, Monte Carlo Night Surgeon

What Number Is John Travolta Thinking Of?

Vin Diesel’s Scrabble Showdown

Vin Diesel’s Scrabble Showdown: Celebrity Edition

Beach Grifters

Space Lawyers

Beach Lawyers

Space Grifters

American Crime Story: Gold Bucket Heist

American Crime Story: D.B. Cooper’s Escape

American Crime Story: Who Stole My Structure Watch In 11th Grade, Was It Walter?

American Horror Story: That Thing Where An Acquaintance Says Like “Have A Nice Night” And You’re Distracted And Reply “Thanks, Love You, Too” But Then You’re Like “Wait, Oh God, Why Did I Say That? They Didn’t Hear Me, Did They?” But They Did And Now It’s Weird

Weed Whackers: Vice Unit

Talking Whackers, Hosted By Chris Hardwick And DMX

Joe Biden’s Great American Ice Cream Challenge

Joe Biden’s Great American Ice Cream Challenge: Road Race

Planet Earth: Only BBQ Restaurants

The Really Young Pope

The Baby Pope

The Reluctant Goth Teen Pope

Young Columbo

Young Boyd Crowder

Young Columbo Vs. Young Boyd Crowder

Rio Speed Demons

Chopper Galapagos, Private Eye

People You Hate Getting Smashed In The Face With Pies

Loose Cannons

Heist School

Heist School: Hawaiian Style

Heist School: The College Years

Miami Beach Parkour Cops

The Adventures Of Supreme Court Justice Tanya Discotheque

Banana Squadron

Monte Carlo Banana Squadron

Keeping Up With The McConaugheys

A Miami Vice Remake Starring Two Well-Dressed Talking Dogs With Sunglasses On

Westworld But Told From The Perspective Of The Robot Horses

Westworld But The Man In Black Is Played By Bronson Pinchot And He’s Doing The Serge Voice From Beverly Hills Cop

Game Of Thrones: 3-On-3 Streetball Tournament

Nick Speedboat: Mob Lawyer

Nick Speedboat’s Revenge

Nick’s Speedboat Revenge

Rogue Chefs

Rogue Acrobats

Rogue Acrobat Chefs Of Monte Carlo