Experience The Brutality Of Stand-Up Comedy In The Latest Trailer For Showtime’s ‘I’m Dying Up Here’

As your open mic mainstay bud can tell you (before shotgunning a bag of wine), stand-up comedy can be a brutal business. Showtime’s upcoming series set during the hazy days of the ’70s L.A. comedy scene clearly has no problem digging into the nasty side of things if this new trailer is any indication.

The Jim Carrey exec produced dramedy I’m Dying Here unveiled a new trailer that wallows a bit in the misery of its subjects as they vie to get the nod from Johnny Carson and carve out their own place in the comedy world. Melissa Leo’s Goldie is at the center of things as the none-more-brassy owner of Goldie’s comedy club. Here’s the bluffer’s guide from the program itself.

Set in LA’s celebrated, infamous stand-up comedy scene of the 1970s, I’m Dying Up Here delves into the inspired and damaged psyches that inhabit the hilarious, but complex business of making an audience laugh.

I’m Dying Up Here is currently earmarked for a June 4th Showtime premiere. For those of you keeping track at home (AND YOU DAMN WELL BETTER BE), Showtime’s slate of anticipated newness also includes the arrival of John Ridley’s event series Guerrilla later this month and the reborn Twin Peaks in May.