02.11.09 10 years ago

After four mediocre episodes, Showtime has renewed “United States of Tara” for a second season, which I find kind of shocking even though it’s gotten pretty good ratings. I guess Showtime isn’t listening to what I think is crap these days.

“Tara” stars Toni Collette as a wife and mother with multiple personalities, including a frisky teenage girl, a gruff middle-aged man and a perky, perfect housewife. Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody developed the series and executive produces alongside Steven Spielberg.

I like Toni Collette.  I dig co-star John Corbett.  I can even tolerate Diablo Cody because she does decent work with the kids’ characters.  So I don’t know why I don’t like this show.  I guess I’m just getting tired of Showtime’s schtick.  “Hey, look at this serial killer / mom who deals drugs / prostitute / family of con men / mom with a personality disorder!   They’re just trying to be normal!”   Yeah, good for you, ya freaks.  Some of us don’t need extraordinary circumstances to live bland, boring lives.

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