Showtime Has Cancelled ‘SMILF’ And Is Investigating Creator Frankie Shaw For Alleged Misconduct

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The investigation into misconduct on the set of SMILF seems to have ended the show’s run on Showtime. The premium cable network abruptly cancelled the Frankie Shaw-run show on Friday night following a probe into workplace practices on set.

“After weighing a variety of factors, Showtime has decided that SMILF will not move forward for a third season, Showtime said in a statement according to The Hollywood Reporter. “We remain extremely proud of the two seasons of SMILF, and thank Frankie Shaw for her singular voice and unique creation, as well as the dozens of writers, producers, actors, directors and crew members both in Los Angeles and on location in Boston, who contributed to this exceptional series.”

SMILF was a comedy starring, created, written, and directed by Shaw, who used her own experiences in life to make a short film, SMILF, that later became the Showtime series of the same name. The show had mixed reviews but seemed headed for renewal until a series of allegations against Shaw and conditions on set launched an investigation by Showtime.

According to reports, one actress left the show after it failed to keep a closed set during the filming of a sex scene. There were also bizarre allegations of the writer’s room organized by race, leading to lawmakers alleging “civil rights violations” and “unfair working practices” on the show.

In December, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that numerous employees of the Showtime comedy had made claims about inappropriately handled sex scenes and Shaw’s “completely unprofessional” behavior. Actress Samara Weaving exited the series after she claimed her contract was breached during the filming of a sex scene in the second season. Also among the allegations were complaints brought to the WGA by multiple staffers regarding credit issues and alleged race-based separation.

That led to Massachusetts lawmakers questioning whether the Boston-based show’s tax credits could be revoked until the investigation is settled. That pressure seems to have, at least in part, put pressure on Showtime to not renew SMILF for a third season. Four episodes of the current second season are still scheduled to air on Showtime, but that appears to be the end of SMILF after that.

“I can’t express how much I’ve loved making this show, how much I love the cast and crew and appreciate Showtime and ABC as creative partners,” Shaw said in a statement to THR on Friday.

Shaw’s deal with ABC Studios, which made SMILF, is currently suspended while the studio “reviews” its options.

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