Showtime Plans To Fill That ‘Twin Peaks’ Sized Hole In Your Heart But Not Until Sometime In 2017

Ever since it was announced almost two years ago, the expectations for the Twin Peaks revival have been growing every day. Even with the many bumps in the road the revival has hit – David Lynch momentarily quitting the project, for one – it is somehow still projected to air…at some point. Fans might have anticipated that they would have to wait forever to see new episodes of the show, and it has indeed been a long wait. But now, straight from the horse’s mouth, we have a general timeline for the revival.

Apparently, Lynch and the team have completed principal filming on the project and are now left to edit all of the footage (which was shot as a continuous movie) down into individual episodes. Seeing as fans want new Twin Peaks sooner rather than later, surely no one would mind if Showtime just airs the footage now as one long stretch of story. Who needs editing!? Since that won’t happen though, everyone is left hoping that David Lynch will edit quickly and efficiently, thereby making an honest man out of president David Nevins. Nevins is anticipating being able to premiere the show during the first half of 2017, but seeing how Lynch hasn’t even revealed an episode count nailing down a specific date is predictably a tough ask.

Probably the most intriguing thing to come out of Showtime’s TCA panel though is the fact that the show’s release might be “unconventional.” Which probably means that it could be released all at once Netflix-style, but we’re going to believe unconventional means that people will have to drive to a diner in the Pacific Northwest to stream the episodes in a back room one at a time.

(via Consequence of Sound)