Will The Death Card Come For Charlie In ‘Shut Eye’ Season 2?

If you thought that the life of an L.A. psychic would be a quiet one, you would be wildly wrong. In fact, beneath the welcoming storefront is a deep underbelly of crime, con artists, and bad blood. The first season of Hulu’s Shut Eye introduced viewers to Charlie Haverford, a former magician turned con artist, who is just trying to leave his life of crime behind and take his family with him. However, things are never what they seem and no one ever escapes a crime syndicate unscathed.

In the world of tarot, skilled readers can uncover thousands of different combinations (and make a pretty penny doing it), all pointing to very different futures. Unfortunately for Charlie, who starts to get prophetic visions after a particularly vicious blow to the head, all of the cards played in his life have been bad news even if he had the best intentions to go straight. As the Magician, Charlie has to deal with the machinations of The Emperor, his former boss Fonso; The High Priestess, his duplicitous wife Linda; and The King of Swords, the crime lord Eduardo.

Learn more about Charlie and the world of Shut-Eye above ahead of the second season.

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