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Hollywood has churned out yet another stunningly original idea, as “Survivor” creator Mark Burnett has partnered with Sony Pictures TV to make a reality show based off the late ’70s/early ’80s hit “Fantasy Island.” I’m currently taking odds on the chances it will be called “The Real Fantasy Island” without a hint of irony or awareness of the oxymoron.

The original series starred Ricardo Montalban as the mystical Mr. Roarke — who made island visitors’ dreams come true. The new reality version will follow 12 contestants as they compete to become the real-life Mr. or Ms. Roarke.

To do so, the players will be tasked with making others’ dreams come true as guests arrive on a weekly basis. As on the fictional “Fantasy Island,” the guests will come to the show with emotion-driven fantasies — such as a dream wedding or a chance at reuniting with a lost love. The guests will then be asked to rate the budding Mr./Ms. Roarkes — and one contestant will be banished from the game each week.

“Fantasy Island” has “all of the elements of a hit series,” Burnett said. “An exotic location, dream fulfillment, competition and, most of all, emotional storytelling.” [Variety]

It’s amazing how easy it is for me to dislike something without ever watching it. Because I already hate this show, and it’s not like I even have some kind of deep emotional connection with the original. Montalban’s version aired from ’77 to ’84, and I was born in ’78, so I was too young to take anything away from it besides the theme song, Hervé Villechaize saying “De plane!,” and of course a lifelong love of midgets in tuxedos.

Aren’t you a Talk Soup fan?

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