Sigh, More ‘Dancing w/ the Stars’ News

08.31.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

There’s good news and bad news. Good news is that tomorrow marks the beginning of September and the new fall television season. Bad news is that it’s still August, which means that the biggest story today is the new “Dancing with the Stars” cast. I know, I don’t care, either. Just bear with me and read these quotes from head of casting Deana Katz:

“It’s like putting together the most bizarre and yet entertaining kind of dinner party,” Katz said of the casting process. “I make a jigsaw puzzle of including something for everybody. And what I think works best is, let’s say you watch because you love David Hasselhoff and you have no idea who Margaret Cho is — what I love is this idea that you go in watching The Hoff but you then fall in love with Margaret.”

Lady, stop right there. No one but NO ONE falls in love with Margaret Cho.

This cast, said Katz, is her “dream team.” Since the show launched in 2005, she said she’s been “stalking” Hasselhoff and Grey to be a part of it every season. But they both had prior commitments and reservations about joining.

And by “commitments and reservations” they mean “reservations.” The only things Hasselhoff has been committed to since 2005 are Night Train and the emergency room for alcohol poisoning.

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