‘Silicon Valley’ Discusses The Lack Of Diversity In Their ‘F*cked Up’ Real World At SXSW

We’re a little over a month out from the Season 3 premiere of the HBO comedy Silicon Valley so to promo it, the cast and executive producers of the show hit up South By Southwest for a panel discussion.

After showing a couple scenes from the upcoming season premiere, executive producer Alec Berg got into some of the criticism aimed at the show regarding its lack of diversity in front of the camera. Berg pointed out that casting in that regard isn’t necessarily a choice, but rather a fairly accurate depiction of the industry his show is attempting to send up.

“The first season, we got a lot of flack — some of it deservedly so — about how male and white the makeup of the show was, but we’re also satirizing a real world. That real world, the people who do what our guys do, are 87% male. Venture capitalists at the partner level are 96% male and white, so the world we’re depicting is every bit as off-kilter as our show is.”

Berg went on to note that the producers are in the midst of “an ongoing discussion” regarding how to properly depict the world in which Silicon Valley exists. “The world we’re depicting is f—ed up, but do we have the responsibility to make the gender and racial balance on our show ideal when the world we’re depicting isn’t?” he wondered aloud.

We’ll see for ourselves on April 24, when Season 3 arrives on your TV boxes and streaming devices courtesy of HBO.

(via Variety)