‘Silicon Valley’ Invoked Russ Hanneman For The Perfect Callback Joke In This Week’s Episode

Yeah yeah yeah so we’re a little late on our Silicon Valley coverage this week thanks to the holiday weekend, but better late than never, right? The main plot of Sunday’s episode saw Erlich dealing with the fallout of Big Head violating his NDA with Hooli to prevent tech blogger C.J. Cantwell from publishing Richard’s rant. However, the rest of the guys back at the incubator, oddly enough, had love on the mind. While Richard scored a date with a Facebook employee (and definitely not a bartender) named Winnie, Dinesh struck up a flirtation with one of the remote programmers, an Estonian woman named Elisabet.

Of course, this being Silicon Valley, where no one ever wins for very long, both guys screw things up with their perspective romances. Richard by going full OCD on his date for using spaces over tabs in writing code, and Dinesh for not being the “Pakistani Denzel Washington” he promised. But before that, the guys’ respective attempts at love inspire none other than Jared, who — while all this was going on — manages to find a nice lady and seal the deal with her in his sad quarters in the server room. This leads Dinesh to realize that maybe Russ Hanneman wasn’t as crazy as everyone thought.

Who would have guessed? This guy really does f*ck. But hilariously enough, that wasn’t the only Russ callback in this week’s episode.

Russ Hanneman may be gone, but he’ll live on in the hearts of Silicon Valley fans (and writers, apparently) forever.